Time to "Sex Up Your Life"?

Take a deep dive into the unconscious and mostly unspoken realms about the meaning of sexuality within your life and get to the bottom of what is actually going on for you. Here at CoCreative we like deep and real conversations. For best results, kick start your healing process by getting your hands on a copy of “SEX UP YOUR LIFE: THE MIND-BLOWING PATH TO TRUE INTIMACY, HEALING, AND HOPE.” Then, let’s talk and find the right program for you. 





Hi! I’m Julie Archambault

I’m the founder of CoCreative, a business dedicated to support you understand the relationship between sex, relationships, personal growth, innovation, creativity, and empowerment in all areas of your life.

As a holistic teacher, speaker, healing coach, and Akashic Record Consultant, I will give you a behind-the-veil view of the real nature of sex, the patterns that show up in your life, and how you can learn to speak its language.

And when you do, you can CoCreate with it, instead of ignoring it and accumulating problems because of it. I am here to empower you in all areas of your life. Everything is but a symptom of the bigger picture!

Looking to turn the Dial UP on Creativity, Connection, and Conscious Love-Making?

We all have a sexual biography. Time to bring consciousness, healing, and possibility to it. 

We all have a sexual biography. Time to bring consciousness, healing, and possibility to it.

This innovative program cross-pollinates the dynamism of a book-club, a creative writing incubator, and a sacred container for growth to help you increase intimacy and possibility in your life.

How I Support You


The programs are designed to heal your sexual energy, weed out your toxic programming, and help you embody your fullest and most aligned human potential.


Our CoCreative Sex Summit was where we launched the book “Sex Up Your Life” and hosted international educators on the cutting edge of sexuality and consciousness, on feb. 14th 2020.


Check out our blog posts for free advice, information and resources on how to co-create in every area of  your life, deepen awareness and consciousness, for an empowered life!

I even started to feel the energy in my root chakra wake up again, it was so exciting! The beauty of this course is that it gave me a powerful feeling of inner peace and tools at hand if ever I lose my way.

Sarah Nielsen 

The Art of Co-Creative Sex Program helped me find the right words when communicating. It also helped me to take hold of a greater and more awesome power in my life. This program goes quite deep and is accessible even if you have a busy life.

Stephane Grant 

It’s actually insane how things are shifting in my life and how people are reacting differently to me… 

Carmen Abdellah 

I was amazed at Julie’s ability to understand what I was going through. Right after the first session, I felt an amazing wave of relaxation wash over me. After our fourth session, I walked away with a clear understanding of what was going on, which still helps me today.

Liviu Chis 

“My communication has been off the charts! I have been able to tackle many conversations, not just with my partner, but with my family, friends and even in situations at work. My confidence and happiness are growing again! This course is so much more than co-creating sex, it’s co-creating life!”

Kathryn Ruby Scaia 

“I have to say miracles do happen! Last night I had the most sensual, expanding, intimate and pleasurable sex I have EVER had with my partner of almost 6 years. I thought this journey would take a lifetime and it’s already changed my life so much.”

Billie Wood 

Sex Up Your Life

The Mind-Blowing Path to True Intimacy, Healing, and Hope

Sex Up Your Life goes beyond simply giving advice on how to have a better sex Life. It’s a deep dive into the unconscious and mostly unspoken realms about the meaning of sexuality within our lives.

It offers a continuum of sexual experiences and personal stories that explore the range of expressions from lack of consent, to sexual exploitation, and into realms of play, the heart, and our spirit. At each point along this continuum, the reader is asked to explore within their experiences and beliefs around the topic, and readers are provided with questions to explore undoing harmful, unconscious, and limiting patterns.

media kit

Whether you are a television anchor, a podcast host, a magazine editor, or a live radio show, this media kit has everything you need to interview Julie Archambault about her most recent book “Sex Up Your Life: The Mind-Blowing Path to True Intimacy, Healing, and Hope.”

Sex Up Your Life

The Mind-Blowing Path of True Intimacy, Healing, and Hope

By collecting many real-life stories and interviews, I crafted a fascinating and revealing portrait of sex: Everyone is dealing with something —and that something has a lot to teach you.

I’ve created a Continuum of Connection for Sex to guide you from destructive disconnect to blissful sexual connection, and offer you a whole new possibility for sex in your life.

The ONE THING I wish I haD known about SEX and Relationships (Earlier!)

It’s a game changer!

Do you find yourself always running after someone who is not available? Maybe you notice that you are always sitting beside your phone hoping for a text? Or maybe it appears that your partner is always on the verge of pulling away…

Regardless, it’s making you feel small and powerless… and yet, you thought that with all that awareness and work on yourself that you had become an EMPOWERED PERSON! So why are you feeling like “SHIT”… AGAIN!? And why is it so difficult to have a satisfying relationship?

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