What you wouldn’t Dare to say…

There is something to be said about the simple medicine of revealing yourself to others, to be seen, and be heard.

When it comes to healing one’s past, to the healing of sex and intimacy, to freeing yourself from nasty patterns in your life and attracting the quality created life you actually want, there is much power in sharing the very things we wouldn’t dare saying out loud.

The wisdom of “Naming” the very thing that we are ashamed of is magnified when done in a sacred container.

It’s a potent alchemical process: naming it frees it.

In fairy tales, you always find wise secrets put into story form. This “name it frees it” idea is the very principle behind the story of Rumpelstiltskin.

It is only by finding and naming Rumpelstiltskin’s name that the young maiden can free herself of the spell and not be obliged to give her firstborn to this unearthly mischievous creature.

This is also why I wrote, “Sex Up Your Life”: Naming some of the things that we didn’t even know we were ashamed of. To see them in story form and see: wow, that’s me. By reading it, you start seeing it, and you can start naming it.

Essentially, what I love creating for people is sacred containers that allow them to grow and heal their past, so they can create the life they want. This is why I have created the CoCreative Incubator.

It’s a continuation in the powerful tradition of creating space for that alchemical magic to take hold of the MUCK and to transform it into GOLD.

Things that my participants in the Incubator have said, after only 3 sessions in the CoCreative Incubator:

“Julie, the fire you have lit in me just keeps growing and with each passing week a motherload of crap and old beliefs disintegrate and it is sooo FREEING! I can honestly say that I am showing up with all of me, the good, the bad, and the ugly, and I am beginning to be okay with it all. Thank you!”

“I didn’t realize all the stuff I’m still carrying”

“I didn’t see how much that annoyed me, and how that completely changed after”

“Thank you for a very powerful space for me and others… very Cool to be part of and connect XO”

In the CoCreative Incubator, we take on the real conversations, the real pain points (even the ones you didn’t know you had), and we turn the MUCK into ART.

We activate your creative flow, help you integrate those harsh moments from your past via the portal of your creative genius (that you didn’t even know you had, yes, we all have it!) and you get to walk away empowered, self-expressed, with an enlivened creative force to manifest with. And that creative force is VERY attractive. Watch out world!

You leave the Incubator with in-pocket: a handful of written assets that will spark your written, spoken, and sung words. Walk away with lyrics, poems, pages for your next book, for your next talk, for your next viral post, your next video-documentary.

You walk away with space to create the relationships, the intimacy, the love you want.

You walk away freer than you entered.

Simply put, don’t miss this opportunity. LOL!

The Incubator doors are getting ready to accept a few more people! Don’t miss this short opening on the 3rd of June!

Interested? Get on the Waitlist here to make sure you are ready to jump in when the portal opens.



Who joins me in the Incubator? Creatives, Coaches, Leaders, Influencers, Teachers, Writers, Performers, Entrepreneurs, Healers, Parents, People on a Path of Growth, Manifestors.

Love Julie.

Carpe Diem.

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Julie Archambault

Author of “Sex Up Your Life: The Mind-Blowing Path to True Intimacy, Healing, and Hope”

Read more in: “Sex Up Your Life: The Mind-Blowing Path to True Intimacy, Healing, and Hope.”
"A book that has been desperately needed in our modern culture" —D. F.


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