It’s about understanding what is getting tripped up by “hot sex” and what you are going to do about it.

As I set out on a mission to find the path from Violently Disconnected to Blissfully Connected Sex, I discovered a deep Universal truth:

Sex reveals everything about us.

It reveals what we’ve experienced.

It holds the secret of our potential.

And now, as it turns out, my Fifty Shades of Connection Spectrum reveals a whole lot about SEX as well!

As a holistic teacher, speaker, healing coach, and Akashic Record Consultant,
I will give you a behind-the-veil view of the real nature of sex and how you can learn to speak its language.
And when you do, you can Co-Create with it, instead of ignoring it and accumulating problems because of it.

Sexual Energy is your teacher.
And when you start understanding this, you are on the path of becoming the fullest version of yourself.

Sex and consciousness are perfectly entwined.
Ready to see where it can bring you, your relationships and your life in general?

Hi! I’m Julie Archambault

I’m a holistic teacher and passionate storyteller for all ages. Using pedagogical stories, archetypal mythologies/characters, along with personal ones I inspire readers, students, and crowds alike.

As the founder of CoCreativeSex—a wellness business committed to powerful lives, powerful relationships, and powerful sex—I coach my clients to step up in their relationships, their sexuality, and all areas of their lives. I lead online and live workshops on the themes of sexuality, creativity, power, and courageous conversations.

I’ve made Vancouver, its coastlines, and sunsets my place of happy dwelling.