Are you a Creative? Expand your creative clout even more.

Do you happen to be a Creative? I just finished my latest edition of The Art of Co-Creative Sex, and I was so pleased to notice that all the participants of my program were “Creatives” in one shape or form.

I had a video/camera/editing soon-to-be-dad-again, an acrobat mom just-about-to-birth-their-little-human-creation, a potter that built her own Japanese kiln, a classically trained singer now creative-elementary-school-teacher, and a few well-rounded creatives that whatever they touch with their hands, their minds or hearts takes on this artful quality.

Creative people know when things are not optimal, and they can’t bear it. They are sensitive, perceptive and they need creative FLOW. They know when they are in the ZONE and when they aren’t. One thing we talked about in the course is that what shows up in our sex life, also shows up in other areas of our life.

Chances are if your sex life is not flowing like you would like it to be, your CREATIVE energy is probably not as expansive as it should be either. Your creative work is probably not visible in the world as it could, and you are probably struggling to bring in the financial support that it deserves.

Creatives are here to vitalize the world with life. Creation is what makes the world evolve and breathe. When we figure out where we are resisting the flow, whether it be in sex, or in your creative work, you allow your creative work to grow its wings and be supported by all those strong air currents: As a creative, you are meant to glide. Your sail is meant to billow out against the strong currents and be supported.

Society has given us so many labels and limiting beliefs about CREATIVES. Just think of it: “The struggling artist” or “The penniless writer” syndrome. But some of the richest people on this planet are Creatives. I was checking out yesterday the value of Snap Chat on the stock market. The creator, Evan Thomas Spiegel, has become a billionaire because of his simple and playful application: putting a dog nose image over yours! And then there is Rupi Kaur who simply self-published a collection of authentic poems and was catapulted to the top of the New York Times bestseller list via Instagram posts with “Milk and Honey”.

Really, it’s about aligning yourself with your greatest self. That is where your power magnifies.

Without realizing it, we buy into limiting beliefs about creative work, and we become that very thing. Or, we may even not follow our creative destinies because we are scared of what might happen to us. We are scared to go for it because we might fall like our mother or father projected we would if we did. These kinds of projections pull us out of alignment.

So, here’s to you, you beautiful CREATIVE!

What is YOUR BIGGEST struggle as a CREATIVE? Or, where do things feel out of alignment for you? Would love to hear. : )

Birthing the Art of Co-Creative Sex has definitely been a creative process for me. Whether it be putting the content together, making the ads, the designs, but also it’s a co-creative process with a higher plane. When I open up the Akashic Records, ideas and inspirations come in to feed the healing and unfolding I am piloting for my participants. It’s very exciting. It gives me shivers!

Here are a few fun comments I received during this latest TACO edition:

“When you were doing the release section, everything you were saying was just so right on…”

“Glowing Snake? Really… GLOWING in the DARK!”

(I personally LOVE that one! Hahahaha! )

“Thank you, thank you, it’s been an amazing eye opening and heart opening experience.”

So fun to share our WINS! Would love to hear about your WINS too! Anything interesting to report?

I find when we share our wins, especially when it comes to our creative work, it builds momentum. So share away! And may they gain in width, depth, and speed! : )


Much love,

Julie xxx

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