Integrity was once described to me as a 

wheel on a bicycle that is well-adjusted. Its construction and system is “sound”. The dictionary mentions “sound construction”, “internal consistency”,  and “quality of being honest.” It means essentially “It works” and can serve its purpose—reliable. It is coherent with its design.

If a wheel is not adjusted properly, you can no longer rely on the system. You may crash and hurt yourself. The wheel may wobble, get prematurely worn out. 

The whole system becomes dysfunctional, dangerous, and risky—it doesn’t work.



What does it mean to be “in integrity” with self? 

It means you are respecting your own design, loyal to your own core values and beliefs. You are faithful to your truth. It’s respecting how your energy flows optimally. It’s being coherent with your life contract and soul contract with others. 

The interesting thing is that our designs are different and our soul contracts too! There is not one single path for all. What is in integrity for one person may not be for another person. We are built for different purposes, which has been helping me a lot with releasing judgement. 

This is why we need to learn about ourselves. To be in “integrity” with ourselves, we have to do some soul searching to “know thyself”. You have to see where things are not working in your life and investigate to discover why. These uncomfortable places teach us where we are not fully in alignment with our design.  



How about Will Smith, the Fresh Prince, and John of God, the Rapist?  

If you look for instance at these frequency readings, Will Smith, the beloved Fresh Prince, he is 98% in integrity in his life, 98% on his divine purpose, and 100% on his personal purpose. Whilst John of God, a convicted sex offender and cult leader from Brazil accused of running “sex-slave farms”, was in integrity at 19%. He had 100% clarity of what he was doing and had 18% compassion. 

Now the interesting thing is the incarnation numbers. Will Smith incarnates at 250 (neutrality), and subsequently raises his frequency up to 400 (Reason). That is a nice jump upwards: 150 points! John of God incarnates at 400 (Reason) and drops to 55 (Apathy/Manipulation) for his overall soul. This is a drop of 345 points! He is accomplishing his divine purpose at 19%. Quite low.  



John of God came to accomplish something on Earth, but veered from his purpose. 

Compare this with Amber Heard (Johnny Depp’s ex-wife). She was incarnated at a frequency of 50 (Apathy/Indifference/Manipulation) but is in integrity with herself at 99% whilst 31% to others! She is 100% in alignment with her divine purpose! (I just find this fact so extraordinary to understand.)

So when looking at John of God’s integrity 19% to Amber Heard’s at 64% (of which she is 99% in integrity with herself). John of God is accomplishing his divine purpose at only 18%, whilst Amber is at 100%. 

Sometimes looking at these extremes can really teach us a lot. In the case of John of God, he veered from his mission. Amber is actually playing her role as a “catalyst to awaken”, as described by Elena Bensonoff in their Vibrational Revelations. She came to play the role of a Narcissist and doing a mighty good job at it!   








How about you? Are you in integrity with your life and divine purpose? 

I know that some of the ways I was living my life (for a very long and damaging unconscious time) was NOT in integrity with myself. The result of this lack of integrity was developing a powerful habit of migraine attacks that over the years got more and more present and debilitating. Different pains in my body blossomed. Exhaustion and burn-out were often experienced. Feeling isolated and needy. Not having good boundaries and accepting things that pulled my energy down. Being in a survival mode. Not fully honouring my power and playing a wall flower, worse, a doormat. Waking up to out-of-integrity relationships causing nausea and puking. 

All these are a signs that I was not in integrity with myself, but the sheer *chronic* pain of the lack of integrity woke me up. I had to free myself from all this compression and start building a new way. A renewed commitment to the integrity of my very specific energy system and how I show up for myself and others in the world and to honour the frequency level that I have come with. It doesn’t serve me or the world to play under my actual potential field and vibrancy.  

What will you do about it?

How will you get to know yourself to better adjust your decisions and live the life you were really designed for. 

My roadmap: 

1. Knowing how you process energy is key. If you don’t, you are going to wear down the integrity of your design. 

2. What are the heavy feelings and parasite thoughts that keep on showing up in your life that are veering you off the road of well-being? 

3. How do you feel during sex? Are you replenished? Are you depleted after? Does your self-esteem drop? Do you feel expanded? Is your partner feeling good too, or not?  

4. Are your relationships supportive, neglectful, uplifting, or damaging? 

5. Do you have boundaries or walls? Are you armoured up or are you opening up? 

All these questions are essential to help you get into integrity with your body, your energy system, and your life. 






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with love, 




Julie Archambault

Author of “Sex Up Your Life: The Mind-Blowing Path to True Intimacy, Healing, and Hope”

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