How Being Gaslit Can Turn Into a Super Power. And Why This Is Important. 

Being gaslit is a reality-busting experience that warps your sense of the world. It disrupts your relationship to reality and to your own intuition. It erodes your self-authority and can alienate you from the power of your true voice. 

That being said: it can also become an initiatory experience that can prove to be quite handy when needing to make good decisions for yourself in these crazy times. But, only if you understand what I’m going to share with you. It only becomes a Super Power if you learn to see and feel it. 


More common than you think 

Gaslighting is actually much more common than one can believe and go from real overt gaslighting, extreme cases, to your average unconscious ways of having your experiences denied in the most casual ways. The results though all point to this: you start loosing touch with the potent voice of your intuition and your sense of what feels right in your own body.  

And how can you make the right decisions for yourself if you’ve lost touch with your intuition and what feels good and right in your own body? Without your guide—your “intuition”—and without it being grounded in your “body”, you are put in a very vulnerable position. And not the kind of vulnerability Brené Brown talks about. It’s the kind of vulnerability that makes you very manipulable. 

Psychology Today defines gaslighting as: “an insidious form of manipulation and psychological control. Victims of gaslighting are deliberately and systematically fed false information that leads them to question what they know to be true, often about themselves. They may end up doubting their memory, their perception, and even their sanity. Over time, a gaslighter’s manipulations can grow more complex and potent, making it increasingly difficult for the victim to see the truth.” 


How would you have experienced “Gaslighting”? 

Gaslighting can show up in your family system, in relationships with lovers, within circles of friends, at school, at work. Basically, where ever humans interact. It can also extend to any system directed by humans such as government, legal systems, the health system, and the actors of the economy, such as restaurant owners, store managers, and other economic entities. 


How the habit sets in 

Maybe no one in your family system could address or acknowledge your emotional strife or pain. Maybe your lover couldn’t accept being wrong or being confronted with their own issues and pain. Maybe your friend is jealous of your success. Maybe your boss feels threatened by you. Whatever the source, your environment is behaving in a way that deflects or minimizes a situation that is impacting you. When this persists over long periods of time, this becomes toxic for you.You start believing the problem is you.  

It also means that you may learn to disconnect from noticing how things are affecting you. This means you’ve loosened your ties with your intuition and dampened your perceptions of what is going on in your body to survive your reality. Result: you become somewhat disconnected from yourself. 

Try making a decision that is good for you if you are disconnected from yourself. Very difficult. 

Your Higher Self and Your Body are like an antenna/vessel to help you navigate the world and make inspired decisions that are beneficial for your evolution and well-being. When you are disconnected, making a decision is sort of like playing Russian Roulettes. It depends on the other person’s intentions, which could be from a loving place but also be of predatory nature. 

Being gaslit is like having someone clip your wings of power. But how to turn this situation around to your advantage and why is this crucial to do today? Let’s look at that. 


Now how do you grow your clipped-wings back?

And soar higher than before (above all the bullshit)? Not only can you grow your wings of power back but they will grow in fortitude if you take this on. If you want to turn these difficult realities in your life into something good, into new soul capacities, you have to follow these steps: 


1. You got to identify and name it. You have to be able to identify that what you are experiencing is gaslighting. 

2. You have to identify the patterns in your life and find the root of this pattern. You have to start noticing when and how your intuition is being overridden. You have to start identifying what it feels like in your body. If you can do this, you will develop a very strong embodiment of your intuition and this will greatly serve you when navigating your choices. You must follow the thread all-the-way to the source. Where did this pattern of gaslighting start in its earliest iteration in your life? 

3. You have to release the energy attached to it. Meaning: You have to process it, breathe the energy blocks out of your body. Release all this negative energy from your body. You want to retrieve your body as an unburdened conduit of truth. Doing this, allows you to clear out the gunk and allows you to reconnect to your intuition. 

4. You will be tested by the Universe. To confirm your new perceptive Super Power, you will need to undergo a test or a few of them. Situations will come your way to test out your intuition and your connection to what your body is telling you to make sure it’s working! Are you listening? Are you honouring your experience, or are you going back down the previous path of neglecting your experience, not listening to what doesn’t feel good and trusting this information? 

5. If you pass the test, you are going to be served well. When things come your way and don’t make sense, you are going to get a big notification in your belly. When the goalpost keeps on moving, your going to tune into yourself and notice, wait a minute, this doesn’t feel good. When people want to push something onto you that feels foreign and unwelcome, you are going to feel into yourself and know what to do. And you are going to honour it. 

6. Your body, your intuition, will tell you. The more you strengthen this, the more you won’t be able to be messed with. You are going to be a force of nature, honouring the power and the truth inside of you. You will know what to do: because you will be connected to your truth. This will feel solid and rooted. 

7. You have enhanced your Super Powers. Get ready, they are going to be the best allies you have in an uncertain world, where all seems to be contradicting itself. You will be able to search inside and you will know. It will be an embodied and inspired decision that will serve your highest interests. 


One of my Super Powers is to help you find these patterns and help you release them. I help you build a stronger connection to your Higher Self, and to your vessel of truth, your body/intuition. 


If you notice these patterns in your life, please PM to set up a series of sessions to take care of this, all the way to the root. These are nasty dynamics that will just lead you down the wrong path. Release the gaslighting pattern in your life. And live an empowered life. Start here:


Having these Super Powers means navigating the world guided by your power. This is where you want to be as we navigate all the multitude of pressures coming at us from so many places, at such a rapid speed. Your bullshit radar needs to be clear and ready to give you the necessary information to make the right decision on the spot. 

Remember: It’s how it feels in your body, no one else’s. And if you’ve had a half a century of gaslighting stored into your body, and gaslighting in your epigenetics, please release all the gunk so that you can actually tune into what your body is telling you. Once you’ve done that, then make your important decision. 


Love Julie 
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