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Trained to Endure: What Now.

Throughout your life, you were told to suck it up.  You were told to just ignore it.  No one was taking your pain seriously.  Your voice couldn't...

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The ONE THING I wish I knew about SEX and Relationships

It’s a game changer!

Do you find yourself always running after someone who is not available? Maybe you notice that you are always sitting beside your phone hoping for a text? Or maybe it appears that your partner is always on the verge of pulling away…

Regardless, it’s making you feel small and powerless… and yet, you thought that with all that awareness and work on yourself that you had become an EMPOWERED PERSON! So why are you feeling like “SHIT”… AGAIN!? And why is it so difficult to have a satisfying relationship?

A message from the Jeannie!

Here's a little message from the Jeannie! ; ) I have been committed for the past few years to get to the bottom of sex and relationships. And...

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De-armouring the Soul

Recently, I heard about a workshop called "de-armouring" the body. I remember hearing the term and thinking: Hey, that "word" really speaks to me....

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