Looking to turn the Dial UP on

Creativity, Connection, and Conscious Love-Making?

We all have a sexual biography. Time to bring consciousness, healing, and possibility to it.

The CoCreative Incubator is taking this on in a major way. This innovative program cross-pollinates the dynamism of a book-club, a creative writing incubator, and a sacred container for growth.

In this incubator, you will see your creative writing become alive while your capacity for connection and intimate relationships expand. Find peace with the past, and get excited about your futur. 
Through discussions, creative prompts, and guided journeys, you will enliven your thoughts, your writing and shed what no longer serves you.
The incubator is designed to awaken power, creativity, and knowledge that will nourish your entire life, intimacy, and relationships… and leave you with a heightened sense of self-expression and some powerful creative assets!
Our goal: Turn all that Muck in your life, all those relationship disappointments, all those heartbreaks, all those painful pods, and transform them into Art, blossoms, and bouncing boards for the next chapter of your life.


“Creativity is a powerful vector for transformation. Little do we know just how powerful… This has been enriching beyond what I had expected. “

“Julie, the fire you have lit in me just keeps growing and with each passing week a motherload of crap and old beliefs disintegrates and it is sooo FREEING! I can honestly say that I am showing up with all of me the good, the bad, and the ugly, and I am beginning to be okay with it all. Thank you!”
“I didn’t realize all the stuff I’m still carrying”
“I didn’t see how much that annoyed me, and how that completely changed after”

“Thank you for a very powerful space for me and others… very Cool to be part of and connect XO”

“I was so scared to share and then I realized, fuck it, I’ll just do it.” 

By the end of your cycle: 

– A portfolio of creative Assets that can be the foundation for that book you always wanted to publish (i.e. Song, Collection of Poems, Spoken word, Lyrics, the Ultimate SM posts, your Talk)

– A strong and alive relationship with the book: “Sex Up Your Life: The Mind-Blowing Path to True Intimacy, Healing, and Hope.”

– A new awareness of your sexual biography, the path you’ve been on, what has served you, what has not! Clearing the path for an empowered fresh new start full of possibility.

– A new relationship with your Visibility and Confidence. Access to your creative genius (that you didn’t even know you had) and part of a new community of supportive creatives to encourage your becoming and celebrate your wins.

– Freedom with things that had been holding you back for a long time! An enlivened soul life ready for more exciting experiences.

Let’s do this

Every week, we tackle a chapter from “Sex Up Your Life”, activate your creative genius (that you didn’t know you had!), and close with a sacred container to push the reset button on what has not been working, while setting you up powerfully for what you want.

We feel, play, create…and liberate with these themes: 

*The Secret at the Bottom of the Barrel  * Empowered and Disempowered Sex * Sex Under the Influence: Beyond People Pleasing * Porn and the Joys of the Naked Body * Decolonizing Sex: The True You * Sexual Vampirism and Defining Your Boundaries * Inhabit the Body: Your Vessel of Joy * Time to Play: Free The Inner Child * Remove the Armour: Feel Again * Co-Creative Sex: The Power of Co-  * Conscious Practices: Priming Presence * Threshold of Mastery: The Path of Courage 

Pacific Time: Wednesday, 4:30-6:30 pm; Eastern Time: 7:30-9:30 pm
*If you cannot make that time, there will be a recording of the session, but to get the most out of the incubator, best to show up! 


Hey, Julie, what is the “CoCreative Incubator” exactly? It’s a powerful and sacred container that I hold for people who want to take on how sex, intimacy, and connection play out in their lives—frustrations, disappointments, painful pods, alongside the beautiful and exquisite—while activating their creative genius (that they didn’t even know they had!) and transforming all the muck and beauty into powerful art: spoken word, viral posts, a book! We take time to actually honour what you’ve experienced. It’s a kind of birthing process for the new empowered you! 

Who joins me? Creatives, Coaches, Leaders, Influencers, Teachers, Writers, Performers, Entrepreneurs, Healers, Parents, People on a Path of Growth, Manifestors.  

What makes it so special? Well, most personal development methods want you to just “get it” and move on. Here, we are honoring the integration of our experiences by recognizing the poetic value of the difficult, and the beautiful, and allowing them to be fodder for our creative projects and nourishment for our souls. We actually take time to notice the nuances of the lived experiences, through all our senses. My participants are amazed at how powerful the transformative process is, how healing it is to share your work, be seen and, celebrated. How exciting it is to hear what people come up with! 

When is it? And what is the time commitment? At the present moment, it’s on Wednesdays, 4:30-6:30 PT (7:30-9:30 ET). You do most of your writing in this time frame. Please keep an extra hour every week to read your chapter, and if wanted, to fructify your pieces, and share with others!  

“How long is it?” It’s a 12-week process, every week takes on one chapter of  the book “Sex Up Your Life”, but you can purchase a 6-week pass too.  

Can I join when I want? You can only join every 6-weeks—when there are available spots—since the group builds a kind of momentum and intimacy together that we honor in the creative process and in the process of shedding what no longer serves us. We have oppenings every 6-weeks to join. 

Do I need to be an expert writer? Absolutely not. Whomever has a voice or is looking for it will have something to say. All voices are unique and to be celebrated. They give us access into different worlds. It’s exciting! 

I’m ready to jump in!

This program is designed for your growth, your creative empowerment, the strengthening of your Voice, and the deepening intimacy and sex in your life. Do you want to experience the full 12-week cycle or take a 6-week pass? Take your pick below. Prices are in USD. If you’d like to pay in CAD, follow the link for e-transfer

full cycle




*12 weeks of content, creation, Deepening & Empowerment

*Part of online community of heart-centred creatives to further deepen work

*One 30 min Private laser coaching

*An extra 30 min of Group Processing per week (if needed at end of weekly meet-up)






*6 weeks of content, creation, Deepening & empowerment

*Part of online community of heart-centred creatives to further deepen work

 *One 30 min Private laser coaching

*An extra 30 min of Group Processing per week (if needed at end of weekly meet-up)


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