As I am creating the content for my upcoming program, I created this chart. And I thought, wow, this would be really helpful for people to understand what is going on in their energy fields.

Take a close look at it. This is how we leak our energy. This is why certain types of dynamics always show up in our lives.

It is by healing these energy leaks that our whole lives change. This, of course, shows up in relationships and sex. And since there is a lot of energy being moved around by our sexual energy, this is very important to understand.

Do you have energy holes? Or caved-in boundaries? Do you hold other people’s energy?

Here are some signs:

*You often feel exhausted by situations, people or after sex.
*You feel depressed or have a low self-esteem.
*Certain toxic dynamics seem to stick to you like glue.
*You have trouble having “assertive” boundaries.

Do you have overly thick boundaries:

Here are some signs:

*You feel lonely.
*You find it difficult to put your guard down and reveal your true self to others and your lover.
*You push people away to feel safe.

In the Art of Co-Creative Sex healing program, we will look into your leaky boundaries and help you release whatever is distorting them. Heal what has pierced them. And unburden them of what doesn’t belong to you.

Early bird special Ends on the 1rst of February. The program starts on the 13th. Ask any questions by sending me a message here.  You can get more details or sign-up on this page:

Let’s take care of those leaky boundaries!!!

See ya soon!


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