What’s Your Energy Type… And How Does it Affect Sex? 

by Julie Archambault 

Meet Mike Blocker!

He is my new CoCreative Incubator++ Program Co-Creator! We have been working together behind the scenes for over a year now to put together the most fantastic program for you. And yes: this includes understanding what your Energy Type is and how this affects how you manage your sex life. If you want to respect yourself fully, you need to know what is actually healthy for you and be at peace with it. 

Energy Types: 

Some people have surges of creative energy… then need to rest deeply (hide away) until replenished. 

Some need to fully engage in what turns them on in their daily life/work… and use up all their creative energy until the last drop every day. They are like the energizer bunnies… and bring this abundant life force to sex. They must however watch for compensation if they are not doing what they love on the daily! Their sexual energy can actually become toxic for others! 

Some people have the capacity to magnify sexual energy… but also need to empty all that energy out to get a replenishing sleep! If you are the type that magnifies other people’s energy, that is great if you are magnetizing awesome life-giving energy. But if the energy has gone toxic… Oups: you are magnetizing the awful depleting energy, which means you can feel completely gutted, drained, and empty. Translation: Pretty Yucky!  

Some really need to sleep alone to keep their sanity! 

Others, have the capacity to sample all kinds of different types of energies and enjoy discovery. But being so open also means they can get highly programmed by their environment, culture, pop culture, experiences, other people, religion, etc. 

Yes… this is all true. 

We are beings of ENERGY and if we don’t know how our own personal energy system works, we end up abusing ourselves and pushing our own homeostasis off-kilter.

That is why some chose to be alone. They have not found how to keep their well-being and equilibrium with another person beside them. They think this is their lot and give up on the warmth of partnership altogether. The truth is It’s just way too hellish for them!  

With a little more awareness though, you can start making way more aligned decisions that respect your energy system and actually thrive whatever you chose to do.  

As I always say, KNOW THYSELF, ALIGN THYSELF, EXPAND THYSELF. The more we know ourselves, and bring awareness to what is out of alignment for our little individual selves, the more we can make more enlightened decisions to respect our equilibrium. 

This is NOT a one-size, one-shape cookie cutter for all. 

We are different. 

Mike and I are really different when it comes to our energy systems and equilibrium. But the more we know, the more we learn to co-create in the most generative and fulfilling ways. 

This is why Mike and I invite you to join our innovative CoCreative Incubator++ to start this journey of Knowing Thyself… Aligning, and Expanding Thyself for heightened well-being and mastery of your sexual energy. : ) 

We are just launching the program now, so you can get the initial details here: 

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