2018 is the year for fullness.
Fullness is a byproduct of wholeness. And if I may say so, I figured out a powerful pathway to wholeness.

It’s the courageous journey of taking all those fragmented pieces of yourself that got lost along the way of life, scattered in the wind, wounded by the thorns, and piecing them back together, and integrating them once more. This is the process that makes you whole. Again.

From Fragmentation to Integration.

From Violently Disconnected to Blissfully Connected Sex.

Just like Queen Isis putting back together all the scattered pieces of her husband Osiris that had been discarded by his jealous brother Set. And mending him back together with the love in her heart.

This is the very journey of Wholeness. And this involves sex, body, heart, mind, soul, and spirit! Integrating all these pieces back into you are what make you whole again.

Come on a beautiful journey of integration with The Art of Co-Creative Sex — Healing Program. Starts February 13th.

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