If you are a highly sensitive person, chances are you were your family’s canary in a coal mine. You were way more sensitive to toxic energy going on than anyone else in the house and being the sensitive one, you soaked it up for everybody.

Chances are, your family has no clue what you are talking about when you try to bring it up. They just don’t pick up on what your radar automatically does. Most of your experiences are not even perceptible to them, just like invisible toxic gases for coal miners. To survive, those coal miners needed their little yellow bird.

You are your family’s little yellow bird, but you also need to survive the toxic stuff! But after years of taking it on,  decontamination is necessary. All the accumulated unattended toxic energies have consequences on your daily lives, notably in your relationships, both friendship and intimate, on your sex life, as well as how you show up in the world.

Why burden yourself with other people’s shit when it’s not yours to carry? Time to unburden yourself.

In an Akashic Mapping session, we can find together where you have taken on toxic shit and help you clear it, for good! With this clearing, you can retrieve your essence, peace of mind and freedom to be you. The real empowered you before you started taking on everyone else’s stuff.

To learn more about Akashic Mapping, go here.

On another note, I’d love to hear if you were the family’s yellow canary and the creative ways you learned to deal with it!

Love Julie

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