The Mind-Blowing Path of True Intimacy, Healing, and Hope
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it can be hell. it can be heaven. Find your tipping point.

 Sex is a portal into some of the most elated states, and yet, the most painful and heart-wrenching ones as well. Sex can destroy you, and yet it can also propel you into a state of ultimate oneness. So what is that tipping point that allows you to go from destruction to construction? How do you UP connection and intimacy in sex?

by collecting many real-life stories and interviews

from Indie Music Producers, International Sex Educators, Creatives, Models, Corporate Jet-Setters, Sex Workers, Bisexual Muslims, Transgender folk undergoing Gender Reassignment, Men, Women, Mothers, Fathers, and many more— I have crafted a fascinating and revealing portrait of sex: Everyone is dealing with something —and that something has a lot to teach you.

I’ve created a Continuum of Connection for Sex— brought to life by collected stories of struggle and triumph— to guide you from destructive disconnect to blissful sexual connection, and offer you a whole new possibility for sex in your life.

This is a book that has been a desperately needed resource for our modern times. This should be mandatory reading for anyone interested in expanding their sexual horizons beyond social stigma and cultural conditioning.

Deus Fortune Men’s Empowerment Coach and Spoken Word Artist

The minute I opened up Julie’s Sex Up Your Life book I was glued! From a diverse background of people, many share their sexual experiences and describe how to navigate and identify sexual trauma which will support you in connecting the dots to reclaiming back your power. This is so needed right now!

Baljit Rayat Activator of Innovators, Inventors, and Visionaries

“A masterpiece of storytelling, each story is woven with insightful guidance for readers to begin their own journey of self-love and acceptance through the transformative power of shame-free sexual expression!”

Devi Ward Author of Shake Your Soul-Song and radio host of Sex Is Medicine

Julie has an all-encompassing framing that allows you to see sex as a whole, embracing life itself. You get to see the beauty and the pleasure of that whole.

Destin Gerek  - Author of The Evolved Masculine

“Sexuality and intimacy can be complicated, messy, beautiful and personal – all at the same time. In Sex Up Your Life, Julie Archambault adds an important and clear voice to the necessary conversations on sexuality in all its complex reality.”

Rachel Braun Scherl - Author of #1 International Best-Seller Orgasmic Leadership

“You have awakened a power in me that was dormant but always present — the need to heal and help others to heal.” 

Sarah Kring Nielson - Mother, Artist, Social Activist

“This is a very impressive piece of work. Once you’ve seen this, you can’t unsee it.”

Catherine Mellon - Digital Media

Compassionate, deeply researched and peppered with fascinating stories, this book is the reliable empowerment companion we’ve been missing. Read it, do the exercises and pass it on, the sexed up journey can transform us, and the world, in the most gratifying ways.”

Caia Hagel - Co-Author of Girl Positive + Co-Founding Editor-in-chief of SOFA magazine

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about the author

Julie Archambault is a holistic teacher and passionate storyteller for all ages. Using pedagogical stories, archetypal mythologies/characters, along with personal ones she inspires readers, students, and crowds alike.

The founder of CoCreativeSex—a wellness business committed to powerful lives, powerful relationships, and powerful sex—Julie coaches her clients to step up in their relationships, their sexuality, and all areas of their lives. She leads online and live workshops on the themes of sexuality, creativity, power, and courageous conversations.

Julie has made Vancouver, its coastlines, and sunsets her place of happy dwelling.

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