So, have you been wondering what (Co-Creative) Sex is exactly?

Let me give a crack at that question.


It’s a quality of presence to self and to your partner that allows you to show up, playfully, creatively, in life’s most intimate moments. But it is also the recognition that you are working with something much greater than you. When everything flows, you will be constantly growing. This requires that you learn to incorporate “processing” as part of your personal hygiene.


So what blocks Co-Creative Sex?

Many things. But they all sum up to one major Boogie Monster: the many guises of Fear.
Here is a list of things that block Co-Creative Sex:
*Unresolved emotional frustrations (anger, resentment, unspoken irritations, non-addressed dynamics, hardening of positions.)
*Control. (Can’t Co-Create if someone is controlling.)
*Deferring your power to your partner. (Can’t Co-Create if you give up all your power!)
*Not expressing your authentic needs and wants. (If you don’t show up for yourself, how can anyone else?)
*Not having healthy boundaries. (How can you Co-Create if you are being depleted?)
*Not revealing yourself. (Hiding. Well, hide and seek is a game, but if you keep on hiding, they won’t find you!)
*Lack of confidence. (Where is your power? It takes two to tango!)


What supports Co-Creative Sex?

*Confidence, Playfulness, Creativity, Connectedness, Availability, Self-Acceptance, Self-Love, Power, Joy, Self-Permission, Self-Expression, Safety.


If things aren’t flowing, it’s because there are knots!

Throughout our lives, we accumulate many messages that put our sexual energy into knots. Think of a garden hose that is all knotted. The healing journey involves finding the knots and untangling them. When you do this, the energy flows.


Are you ready for some Intentional Untangling?

Great. I am too! My program “The Art of Co-Creative Sex” is designed to untangle your sexual energy. And right now, there is a killer deal on the table: until Feb 1rst you get to participate in the whole program plus get two private sessions with me for peanuts. Really. Considering everything that I’m packing in there, it’s a mega steal!


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Untangling Sex.

Listen to my latest talk: “Why Sex is Designed to Make us Grow!” from the Beta Talks Series:
Tschuss! Much love! Bisou!
Julie xxx

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