The CoCreative Incubator: 

Looking to turn the Dial UP on Creativity, Connection, and Conscious Love-Making? 
The CoCreative Incubator is taking this on in a major way. This innovative program cross-pollinates the dynamism of a book-club, a creative writing incubator, and a sacred container for growth.
In this incubator, you will see your creative writing become alive while your capacity for connection and intimate relationships expand. Find peace with the past, and get excited about your futur. 
Our goal: Turn all that muck in your life, all those relationship disappointments, all those heartbreaks, all those painful pods, and transform them into art, blossoms, and bouncing boards for the next chapter of your life.
Through discussions, creative prompts, and guided journeys, you will enliven your thoughts, your writing and shed what no longer serves you.
The incubator is designed to awaken power, creativity, and knowledge that will nourish your entire life, intimacy, and relationships… and leave you with some powerful creative assets!


“Julie, the fire you have lit in me just keeps growing and with each passing week a motherload of crap and old beliefs disintegrates and it is sooo FREEING! I can honestly say that I am showing up with all of me the good, the bad, and the ugly, and I am beginning to be okay with it all. Thank you!”
“I didn’t realize all the stuff I’m still carrying”
“I didn’t see how much that annoyed me, and how that completely changed after”

“Thank you for a very powerful space for me and others… very Cool to be part of and connect XO”

“I was so scared to share and then I realized, fuck it, I’ll just do it.” 

By the end of your cycle, you’ll have: 

*A portfolio of creative Assets that can be the foundation for that book you always wanted to publish (i.e. Song, Collection of Poems, Spoken word, Lyrics, the Ultimate SM posts, your Talk)
*A strong and alive relationship with the book: “Sex Up Your Life: The Mind-Blowing Path to True Intimacy, Healing, and Hope.”
*A new awareness of the path you’ve been on, what has served you in relationships/sexuality, and what has not! Clearing the path for an empowered fresh new start!
*A new relationship with your Visibility and Confidence!