Always attract the same patterns in your relationships? 

Have trouble with your yes and nos? 

Pressure to perform?

Have unhelpful baggage with sex and relationships?

Time to get to the next level? 

Your partner never fully present with you? 

Often feeling lonely?

Feel trapped? Unheard? Isolated?

Your relationship strained?

Lack self-love? Ready to be chosen?

Want to honour your sexual super powers?

Having trouble feeling pleasure?

Uncomfortable speaking your truth?

Always checking your phone instead of living life? 

Have trouble respecting yourself in relationships and sex?

Is your energy too strong for your partner?

Feel under pressure a lot?

Lots of drama in your life?

Looking for more satisfaction and fulfillment?

Feeling used in sexual dynamics?

Often feeling drained in relationships?

Is the dating scene a pain in the neck for you?

Scared of intimacy?

Have a thick armour to protect your heart and body?

Have trouble letting go of control? 

Do you emasculate your partner? 


Did you say yes to aNy of these?


join the next exciting journey

Ready to…

  • Grow Your Connection to Self and Unleash the Powerhouse You! 
  • Align Your Sexual Energy With Your Essence
  • Discover Your Energetic Blue Print to Better Respect Yourself
  • Awaken Your Senses and Connect to Your Joy
  • Find Peace with Your Past and a New Healthy Relationship to Sex
  • Move Your life UP! the Map of Consciousness for More Well-being
  • Discover Some Fun Facts from Blocker’s Locker!
  • Laugh… lots
We have designed an innovative container to support your overall well-being while bringing your sexual energy into powerful alignement with your essence. As you make your way up the Map of Consciousness and discover more of who you really are, you increase your innate power to attract the life and relationships you want. It’s a process: we will show you how. There is also an art to fully respecting one’s energetic blueprint and living in harmony with it for optimal well-being.  

What does this mean? You will be increasing your capacity for joy, intimacy, being in the senses, overall well-being, fulfilling sex, and manifesting delightful and heart-warming experiences that keep on expanding you, while respecting your energetic blueprint.

How? Through awareness, mindfulness, movement, breathing, exercises, skills learning, fun and laughter, creativity, and guided journeys, you will enliven your mind, body, spirit, and sexual energy. You will discover a whole lot about yourself: guaranteed. 

Words of Praise

“The whole journey has been flabbergasting. The strongest thing that happened, I have a new capacity to see other people’s hidden baggage, more sensitive to their stuff. Now with my armour down, I can see the other person’s armour, I can see through their armour, and that is something new.”

“I was stretched, nurtured, understood and celebrated; it was terrifying, empowering and exhilarating.”

“It’s a profound space to explore your state of being…a safe place of vulnerability and inner strength”

“Has changed my life… Thank you.”

“It was the most honest and real experience of my life.”

“Actually cultivate the deep intimacy I want.”

“So much resistances around this issue, and you think its about sex, in a way its not, its accessing all parts of yourself, even your shadow-self and learning how to embrace it, and look at it in a new way, be super creative in thinking your way through things so that you are not scared of it anymore, for me I’ve actually just come to fully embrace aspects of myself that I ran away from.” 
“Knowing this emphasizes my need to give time for vulnerability, to take things slow and not just rush into sex where I know I can hide” 

Course details

  • This is a 13-week program
  • Every week, you will engage in a rich and vibrant curriculum designed to help you progress up the Map of Consciousness and align to your true sexual essence and joy.
  • We will learn skills, principles, play games, do exercises, create, express, introspect, and liberate whatever needs to go.
  • You will come out of this program more connected to yourself, catalysed in your creative expression and senses, empowered in your boundaries and feeling of joy, freed up from your past, ready to embrace your life in the moment, aligned to take the next creative and juicy step in your life. 
  • We will explore together the Sexual Continuum as depicted in “Sex Up Your Life” the book and explore the feelings on the ‘ Map of Consciousness for your expansion and empowerment.
  • We know that the conversation around sex can be triggering. This program is designed to nudge you kindly to grow. We require our participants to have a growth mindset and the courage for transformation.
  • We will encourage you to express your needs throughout the program and ask you to check-in as to be embodied in your experiences.
  • We are excited to grow with you!

Meet Mike and Julie

Mike Blocker is a holistic transformational heart-centered coach committed to true freedom in sexual expression. Founder of Chrysalis Coaching, Mike supports his clients in developing and sustaining habits, practices, and ways of being aligned with a life they love. He helps his clients focus on their fulfillment goals over performance and learning goals.

Julie Archambault is a holistic teacher, author of “Sex Up Your Life: The Mind-Blowing Path to True Intimacy, Healing, and Hope,” and founder of CoCreativeSex, a company committed to personal growth and well-being. Julie has many years experience guiding people through holistic, healing, and creative processes for expansion, growth, and self-sovereingty. She is a catalyst for innovation and awakening. Her intuition will quickly capture your essence. 



Come Check Out Blocker’s Locker for Fun Facts & Tools

Every week enjoy the pickins’ from Blocker’s Locker. You never know what will come out of it. But as you can see, his locker is not like everyone else’s! : ) 

“I now understand that sex is pure energy and for that reason, stirs up a lot of shit. So there is emotional work to do before, during and after sex to stay connected to oneself and partner. Knowing this emphasizes my need to give time for vulnerability, to take things slow and not just rush into sex where I know I can hide, but to actually cultivate the deep intimacy I want.”
“Wow, where do I start? I discovered my voice in the Incubator. There is so much power in being myself and letting myself be seen and fully received. And my fellow Incubatees held so much space for me in our sacred container. I was stretched, nurtured, understood and celebrated; it was terrifying, empowering and exhilarating.”

“I was also exposed to different backgrounds and cultures and I really appreciated the diversity of our group; I got a glimpse into their personal and cultural tragedies and the beauty they create from those stories and experiences. Everyone’s writing was beautiful, inspiring and breathtaking, it was the most honest and real experience of my life. “

A Container for Transformation

Life is a series of decisions, often unconscious. Nothing like bringing your awareness to what is not working, getting down to the bottom of it, and making new conscious decisions. And… Thriving!

In the CoCreative Incubator++ you will have many opportunities to make new decisions. You will have the opportunity to activate your creative forces and the skills to build the life, the relationships, and the sexual experiences you have been wanting to have for a very long time. Most of all, you will have fun while doing it! 

I’m ready to jump in!

Starts August 25th 2022. 


13-week program


*13 weeks of content, learning, tools, creation, deepening & empowerment

*39 hours of live, curated, and guided group work

*4-hour private laser clarity coaching on issues of your choice

*An extra 30-min of support at end of weekly group session if extra processing is needed

*Access to videos to deepen the work

*A new relationship to your sexual energy and progress along your personal path on the Map of Consciousness

*A portfolio of Creative Assets, Exercises, Tools cumulated over 12-weeks

*An in-depth understanding of the book "Sex Up Your Life: The Mind-Blowing Path to True Intimacy, Healing, and Hope."


“The whole journey has been flabbergasting."

"This program is worth more than the money it’s advertised for... thank you infinitely for your contribution to my life!” 

"It was terrifying, empowering, and exhilarating." 

This program is designed for your growth, your creative empowerment, the strengthening of your voice, and the deepening of intimacy in your sexual life.

GROUP SESSION: 4:00-7 pm (Pacific Time); 7:00-10 pm (Eastern Time) on Thursdays for 13 weeks. 

NEXT CYCLE STARTS:  25th of August 2022

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