We are addressing some of the important conversations about sex out in the open as we prepare for an amazing Summit with a fabulous and enlightened line-up of leaders in the fields of sexuality to bring us all to the next level of embodiment and empowerment.

Falling Prey to Authority

What does Sex look like when there is Abuse of an Authority Figure? What about psychic abuse?

Meet Shanaia.

I met her at the Sacred and Sexual Music Festival a few years ago. She shared with me that she was in the process of healing from a devastating experience. She fell in love with a “guru” like figure. As it turned out, the whole situation spelled out manipulation and loss of self in the process.

She will share her story and all the beautiful work she is now doing on Womb Healing!

Going from Corporate to Intimacy

Meet Stacy Michelle

On the CoCreativeSex Summit Podcast Series this Sunday, we will be talking about how the fast-pace, the enterprise, the being up to big things, also requires a down-shifting to get back into the mood! We will be looking at what it takes to go from the Corporate Vibe to the Intimate Lover!

Stacy Michelle is an M&A Consultant (with a past life on Wall Street) and a Sex and Intimacy Coach trained with Layla Martin. We will be talking about our Feminine Leadership Sacred Circle happening next Thursday in Vancouver.

Learn the Skill of Co-Creation and Your Relationship will Never be the Same!

Meet Georgia and Silver Storic.

Co-Creation is a specific type of skill. You need to be an artist. You need to be free. You need to show up.

Georgia and Silver from The Edge Co-Creative ( will give us the scoop and why this makes relationships, sex, and everything else so WORTH doing. And why it sustains relationships!

On the CoCreativeSex Summit Podcast: Can’t wait to share with you these two lovely human beings and ALL that they are up to.

Loneliness, Play, and Kink!

Meet Lee-Ann.

On the CoCreativeSex Summit Podcast Series, Lee-Ann will give us access into what many people have to deal with:


She will also give us access to the powerful use of play as an antidote. We will take a peek into the world of kink as well.

THE BATTLE OF THE SEXES: All men do this… (ADD BLA-BLA)… All women do this… (ADD BLA-BLA)

Meet Ernest Morrow.
Not only is he a relationship coach, but he loves addressing some the backs-and-forths that go from men to women, and women to men, that aren’t always super helpful to move the conversation forward, nor see healthy relationships thrive.
His commitment: Calling out what doesn’t work with the hope of bringing a little more understanding and possibility in relationships and intimacy.

How Men support Men in Finding Healthy Sexuality.

Meet Ryan Thomas

I am perpetually fascinated by what men are dealing with when it comes to sex. What are their struggles, who do they call for help, what do they need help with? And what does this look like?

How are they dealing with the #MeToo movement and how do they express their sexuality in an empowered way?

Ryan is an intimacy coach. He will share what he works on with his clients. We will talk about everything from porn, insecurities, relationship challenges, and what he finds most helpful for his clients.

Sexual Healing for Men: What Does That Look like?

We have a lot of assumptions about Male Sexuality.

Julia Kovacs will be sharing her decades of experience relating to men and how it became her passion. Everything from low-self esteem in the sex department to dealing with premature ejaculation…

She will help us learn what men are actually dealing with and their struggles in the bedroom.

Vampires Suck Your Blood, Sexual Vampires Suck Your Energy

Get the scoop with Baljit Rayat


We look at the dynamics involved in this subtle energy transaction and look when it supports you, when it doesn’t, and when it can leave you feeling like crapola.

Here at the CoCreativeSex Summit, we are stoked to have Baljit as part of our line-up to share her laser-sharp, don’t-try to-hide-something-from-Baljit’s-supersonic-eyes insights that really go a long way in helping us live an aligned life.


Taking the Leap: Going Forward with Gender Reassignment Surgery

What kind of courage does it take? What drives this decision?

Meet Flora

On the CoCreativeSex Summit podcast series this Sunday, you get to meet this pearl of a human being. You will discover this gentle and kind soul that had the courage to fully become. herself.
And this involved a very courageous act: having gender reassignment surgery. Be prepared for a deep soul with lots of wisdom and stories to share.


Have you ever heard of LOVE FRAUD?

Meet Lana.

On the CoCreativeSex Summit Podcast this Sunday, we will dive into some of the more manipulative ways that sex plays out. What does it look like when sex is used to target someone vulnerable with the goal of extorting cash from them?
Lana will share her story of falling in love with someone who then turned out to be a con artist hoping to get half the worth of her savings and equity. Identify the red flags. 

Can Sex Work Be Healing? 


Let’s discover this in the conversation with Carmen!


Consent. Consent. Consent. But what are we actually consenting to?

Meet Helena Palmqvist De Felice.

This Sunday on The CoCreativeSex Summit Podcast Series we will be looking at who is actually getting the pleasure.

Is it the one giving the touch, or is it the one receiving it? And when you give touch, is it really for their pleasure or yours!? And if you are doing it for your pleasure, does your partner have to be present to it?

We are taking you to the threshold of awareness here. And the answers are not always what you think!


What does Sex look like after the Colonial Footprint? 

Meet Diane Hill.

This Week on The CoCreativeSex Summit Podcast meet Diane Hill (Katsitsawaks), an elder from the Mohawk Nation. I had the good fortune of tagging along on our trip to the “Decolonize The Spirit” conference in Nairobi, Kenya. There, she presented her ground-breaking decolonizing work. This woman’s life-long work helps Nations gain freedom from some of the most oppressive periods of their history! And this, of course, has a huge impact on the bedroom. We will have a deep and profound conversation.

Are you a Lady Boss? A Mom-preneur? A High-performing woman? Are you a female leader?

We want to have a conversation with you. As we deal with balancing home life, relationships, building your own business, or in the throes of high-performance in the corporate world, how are you managing your sex life? What dynamics are you dealing with? What breakdowns? What breakthroughs? Nothing like gathering as women and talking about it.

Meet Henrietta C. Devine owner of Tagulan Apparel…

Ever wonder what sex looks like inside the head of a 17-year-old boy?

Meet Tony.

This Sunday on The CoCreativeSex Summit Podcast series, we are going to talk to Tony, my courageous 17-year-old buddy who accepted to share what is going on for guys his age. How do they feel about sex, what kinds of pressures do they face, what insecurities come up for them! For him!

Hey… it’s high school. It can be brutal! Not an easy time, add sexual exploration, crazy hormones, insecurities, to a forming ego, and you got one Molotov Cocktail! Or, maybe not!

Tony is going to give us the scoop.

Negotiating a New Conversation about Sex in the Workplace 

In this post #MeToo area, we are renegotiating how gender dynamics play out in the workplace: we are navigating new conversations about sex and power. Read: Misconduct, Sexual Harassment, Humiliation, Ruined Careers, Covering your Ass, etc.

?Are you ready for a whole new embodied vision with a sex-positive twist???

Meet Anita Teresa for a fabulous conversation on what a new empowered landscape in the workforce would look like.


What does it mean to “get into your body”? Why is this important for sex???

Meet Julia Goudkova!                                 

This week on The CoCreativeSex Summit Podcast Series we are going to dive into the question of “being in your body” and why that matters for sex. Julia will guide us through some practices that will get you noticing when you are in your head, out of your body, and when finally you are in. She will also tell us what kind of things you may discover for sex and yourself when you take on some of these practices. Here, ignorance is not bliss ; )

When Swingers, Polyamory is Not for You… And Want Good Sex.

Beth Hall is out to support her clients that may not be after big lifestyle changes, but want to have more freedom with sex.

She’s happy to share resources, ideas, and thoughts on deepening connection, authenticity, and exploring sex with your partner in a renewed way.

The Misconceptions About Being a Model: Sex, Drugs, and the path to Empowerment

Meet Sam

She will be sharing— under her pen name— a part of her story that she has not yet publicly shared, as a preview to her story in the soon to be released book “Sex Up Your Life: The Mind-blowing Path to True Intimacy, Healing, and Hope.”


How Treya Klassen Went From a Life of Sexual Abuse to Being an Unstoppable Business Mogul Catalyst!!!

For those who don’t know her, she is a Business and Branding Visionary, a Design Consultant, and Textile Vendor to big names such as Lululemon, Polartec, Arcteryx, MEC, Nordström, and an Impactful Performance Leader.

Please join me to hear Treya’s remarkable story.

(Please skip the beginning as we fix the tech glitches, lol! : )

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