Did you know that we inherit programs from our family line? And did you know that they are actually the hardest ones to shake off? 

They are the hardest ones to shake off because from generation to generation they were passed down. You could have a whole lineage of women in your line that were disempowered to speak their truth and learned to simply take on crap instead of speaking up.

You could have a whole lineage of men that were trained into believing that it wasn’t safe to express their vulnerability. In lieu of owning their pain points, they learned instead to skew the truth. 

Then, this dynamic is passed down to you. And the problem is that since it was passed down for generations, this is deeply embedded in your blind spots. Essentially, they are seen as simply part of your normalized reality. 

And chances are you are going to butt up against these dynamics a few times before you start noticing them. 

But the issue at hand is that it is taking a toll on your life. And as our sexual energy is always activating our pain points, this will come out in your intimate relationships and how sex shows up in your life. Sex is always a magnifier of what we are carrying. 

In this example, if you are the woman, you don’t own your truth and don’t speak about what is bothering you. This translates to your life “reducing”. You become an emotional dumping ground and just take it on. This propels you in a state of disempowerment. If you are the man, you may have trouble speaking your truth, so instead, you start spinning all kinds of half-truths. 

The result in both cases: the connection is forsaken in your relationships. 

Now, this is what your mother and father did. This is what your grandparents did and their parents did too. 

But since you are a sensitive one, you start noticing something is off and you want to do something about it. You want to break the pattern in your lineage. Congratulations.  


The first step is to start noticing what are the patterns and beliefs that you are unconsciously carrying from your family line. 

1. Once you’ve identified them, it is time to process whatever pain points come with them. 

2. And to finish off the process, you have to clearly decide to break with the pattern. 

3. When you free yourself from these unconscious patterns, you will notice that everything changes in your life. 

In this example, the woman will finally speak up and honor her needs. This gives her space and self-worth. This allows others to treat her with worth. She no longer becomes the emotional mule of the family. Her partner will suddenly show more consideration and actually be more attracted to her. 

The man suddenly experiences that it is safe to express his emotional truth. He no longer needs to hide behind half-truths. This clears up the shadiness of his behavior. His intimate partner will feel a new level of authenticity that she can trust. This allows the partner to feel connected to him as opposed to wondering why his stories are not lining up. 

A Processing Vessel

In the online healing program “The Art of Co-Creative Sex”, we work with the principle that all unresolved patterns will show up in your sexual encounters. This is why during the release sections, we are aiming at accelerating the processing of issues that you have inherited from your family line. This way, you clear the slate. No more inherited default modes! Or, at least, get the process going.    

The power of consciousness. 

The Art of Co-Creative Sex: The Valentine Edition

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