Trained to Endure: What Now.

January 25, 2021

Throughout your life, you were told to suck it up. 

You were told to just ignore it. 

No one was taking your pain seriously. 

Your voice couldn’t compete with the noise. 

You were told to not bother them. 

They had enough problems as it was. 

You were more mature so should be the bigger one. 

It was a sign that they loved you. 

They said they would do something, but never did. 

It was easier for them to pretend it didn’t exist. 

So you endured. 

And endured. 

And endured. 

And endured. 

But that had a huge toll on your life. You still endure what you shouldn’t. You were trained to endure. 

But the damage is now apparent. Your mental health is fragile. You have chronic pains.

The damage kept on ramming into you. You didn’t know how to stop the habit. Your endurance was so developed.

It’s time to stop. This pattern. 

You know you are worth more than this treatment. 

It’s time to become your own advocate. For someone who was trained to endure, this is a very steep learning curve. 

Learning to speak up where you were silent. 

Learning to set a new baseline where previously you accepted subtle harm. 

Accepting to let go of toxic or unsupportive relationships. 

Learning to love yourself again, honour your core. 

Learning to be with self. No matter what. 

If you are ready to become your best advocate and need someone on your team to whisper the right things in your ear, reach out. Book a discovery call here: We will get you set up powerfully. And you life will look and feel quite different. 


Julie Archambault 

Valentines has come and gone. And no matter where you stand, I’m sure it left a mark on you. It might be that you had the most fantastic night ever! And maybe it was a disaster.

Maybe you noticed that you were lonely. That you and your loved one are not so connected right now. It may have left a sting. Maybe it reminds you how difficult relationships are in your life, and how you’ve just given up! Maybe you are holding back all that is weighing on your heart.

No matter what it brings up, I have a suggestion.

Simply notice what is going on and see it as a symptom of your life, at the present moment.

Take a moment and be really honest with yourself. You’ll probably notice that what is going on in your relationship (or lack of) is simply a theme. Do you see it?

What I’ve come to see in working with clients in the Akashic Records is that our “dissatisfaction”  is actually a call to awareness and action.

Somewhere inside ourselves, we know that we are not living as fully as we could. And this might show up in your social life, your intimate relationships, in your dampened sex drive, at work, or maybe in your bank account! It might show up in your hectic life and via your exhaustion.

Something is calling for your care.

I have a new program that my clients are really excited about.

Julie Archambault

Author of “Sex Up Your Life: The Mind-Blowing Path to True Intimacy, Healing, and Hope”

Read more in: “Sex Up Your Life: The Mind-Blowing Path to True Intimacy, Healing, and Hope.”
“A book that has been desperately needed in our modern culture” —D. F.


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