It’s not always easy to see the places in our lives where we are not using our voice. The reason is twofold, I believe. First, you need awareness that you actually are denying yourself a voice.

Then, you have to have the courage to use it, which is, of course, complicated at times. So, to tackle the first difficulty, noticing voice-deficit, let’s look at three places where finding and speaking your voice is important.

Work, Relations, and Sex

At work: If you are exhausted and people keep piling on work and expectations, do you speak up or does it feel like risky-business?

In an intimate relationship: Do you always adapt to your partner’s complicated schedule or needs without considering yours? Does talking about this make you feel you could lose them?

In sex: If your partner does something to you that hurts or makes you uncomfortable, do you speak up? Or are you worried that you could ruin the mood?

These are just little teasers to get you thinking about places where voice-deficit might be lurking!

Does speaking up feel like jumping off a cliff?

Now you’ve discovered that voicing your deep concerns or truths puts you on a limb. You have fears that speaking your truth will have terrible consequences on your life. You cringe at the idea of losing your loved one, your stability, and comfort, your boss’ respect, maybe even your job! This stops you from speaking.

But then you realize that your life keeps on shrinking on you.

Your self-esteem starts quivering. It feels suffocating!

This has to stop.

But for some reason, it is so bloody difficult. Speaking up feels like jumping from the edge of a steep cliff. Hidden away in your cellular memory speaking up has not been safe for you. The perfect constellation of people has now aligned for you to really acknowledge this. It is time to heal those long forgotten wounds, hidden away in the layers of your soul. Often times, we shut out traumatic events in our lives as a survival mechanism.

The interesting thing is that the trauma does not have to be a huge one. It could simply be someone just shutting you up for some reason. But, your energy fields then configure to this reality. When I speak up, I get shut down — or various permutations of this message. Suddenly, this becomes your reality.

A very effective way of releasing the “fear” around speaking up can be done in the Akashic Records.

The AR will rapidly speed up the healing process by directly uncovering the layers all the way to the source of the issue.

All I wasn’t able to heal in therapy, I have been able to uncover and heal in the Akashic Records. If you would like to try this out, I would love to set up a consultation with you and help you reclaim your fullest self.


Voice: Speaking Your Truth

Do you have a hard time with vulnerability?

A woman came to consult with me last week on this very topic. Sandy took a deep breath and we opened her records.

In her life, she had grown accustomed to shouting her truths to be heard. This was the only reliable path she knew to ensure speaking her mind and staying true to herself. But being on a path of consciousness, she no longer resonated with this way of communicating. The problem was that when she became “vulnerable” she could no longer speak her truth.

She was stuck in this dichotomy.

Yelling allowed her to be true to herself but also cut her off from her heart. When she was connected to her heart, she could no longer speak her truth.

We dove a little deeper into the records. An image of her mother came up and how Sandy would not speak her truth out of fear of hurting her mother’s feelings. Sandy acquiesced. Yes, that was definitely the case. Her mother had joined in partnership with a man, that she qualified as a “controlling prick”, and Sandy could see as clear as day all his manipulative schemes. All she wanted to do was point them out to her mother. But her mother would cling to him as if he, we will call him Bill, were her savior.

How the hell could her mother not see what he was doing? So, she learned to shut up because it was too difficult for her mother to hear the truth. In fact, her mother had the habit of not speaking her own truth to appease and accommodate Bill.

This habit of not speaking one’s truth to accommodate someone went down her mother’s ancestral line. It was nine generations of women not speaking their truths to appease partners and the cultural pressures of the time. That is a long time! So, we took a moment to clear all the energetics related to this long standing dynamic.

Hmmm, thought Sandy, the last time I really was connected to my heart and spoke my truth from a place of vulnerability was when I was in the army. They completely shut me down with their insulting misogynistic attitudes.

I checked the records. “Well, the army is your Bill.”

If you have your own version of “Bill” in your life that has managed to shut down your capacity to speak your truth in full kindness and safety, just PM me for a consultation. We can definitely free up the energetics and allow you to fully embrace the freedom of being your full self. Learn more at Looking forward to riding the records with you!

Love Julie

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