We are Always Censoring Ourselves. Because of this.

November 28, 2018

Here’s the BIG elephant in the room. Ready?

We are constantly censoring ourselves. We censor ourselves for many reasons: fear of not being heard, fear of rejection, fear of taking ownership of what we are actually feeling.

But most of all. 

Ready for it?!

We want to look good.

I’ve been watching myself lately and if I didn’t have a partner that actually challenges me, I would be leaving many “unspoken” conversations under the carpet. I’ve noticed how helpful it has been to have someone hold me accountable. 

Me: Well, this upsets me because X and I’m worried that Y will think this of me…

Him:  “Yep, I get that. Totally makes sense. Now, are you willing to call them up and tell them that?” 

Me: ARGHHHH…. OUCH…. But that makes me look so BAD!!!!!

Him: Well, are you willing to be authentic?


So I make the call.

What happens?

My desire to share what’s actually happening in my head and owning it ends up freeing me. I enable connection. I enable a fresh start. I enable a deeper level of intimacy and commitment to the person I’m reaching out to.


If your relationship has been crippled by lack of understanding…
If you are not living the life and connection you want in your life…
If you’re finding yourself unexpressed and frustrated…
If you’ve settled into “roles” that aren’t fulfilling you…
If you’ve come to believe: “There is no other possibility, I’ve tried them all”

Think again. 

James and I are committed to creating a SOLID container for you in our COURAGEOUS CONVERSATIONS program because when we step out of our comfort zone we get the relationships we want.

Please join us if you are ready to STEP UP on the courageous front. Courage is ALWAYS rewarded.

Only 4 days left before we start:  Sunday at 11 am PT (2 pm ET). 

Don’t hesitate, take this opportunity! When in your life do you get a powerful container offered to you to practice and own yourself in ways that will transform your life. When do you get some pretty sharp people to hold you accountable for what you’ve been avoiding for a while now? (And that perhaps you don’t even realize yet that you’ve been avoiding!)

Join us.

Sign up here

Your experience will include:

*Communication Challenges for growth
*Tools to Use
*A group to keep you accountable as you go beyond your current edges.
*Access to powerful new ways of relating and sharing your truth


Love Julie + James



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