Did you know that technology now exists that can actually measure someone’s overall frequency, and all its aggregates? 

If we think of music and notes, our guitar tuners do a pretty good job at helping us tune our strings to the right frequency. When we pluck a chord, it sounds harmonious. 

When two notes come together, their marriage can create the most moving, heart-opening, and elevating sounds. I still recall moments when in training we were singing music with harmonies that were so incredibly moving to me that all I could ask for was “More, please!!!” My soul deeply resonated with the sounds and I wanted to bathe in them forever. 

Hawkins developed a most remarkable scale of consciousness that has been inspiring me for years. The scale starts at 0 (Shame/Death) and reaches the heights of 1000 (Enlightenment). Take a feeling on that scale and just imagine what kind of sound frequency it would make. Shame? Courage? Love? Peace? All these states of being have a frequency, an energy so to speak. 

The exciting thing is that now there is technology that can easily measure it as it plays out in different people’s lives, whether dead or alive. Scaler Wave Technology can measure the quantum biofields and break down all the aggregates that make up that ultimate soul frequency. Elena Bensonoff and Alejandro Ferradas have been developing a reliable methodology to retrieve all this information and help give us feedback on how we, and many others, have been living our lives and from what level of consciousness.

How does this relate to sex? Well, sex is energy and bears the imprint of all we are. The frequency of the sex in our life is the result of many of these soul qualities. Are we coming from a frequency of love or manipulation? Are we in integrity with ourselves and with others? Are we engaging out of egocentric motives or from a more generous sharing perspective? Are we needing to boost our own waning energy stashes, or are we amplifying each others energy with joy and love? Are we present to ourselves and to the other person? Are we being driven by a frequency of addiction, never enough? Do we have self-awareness or not?

Being very sensitive to energy and frequency, I have come to see that sex can be so uplifting and enlivening, while sex can also be so deadening and toxic. With this awareness of frequency, it is a game changer and is uplifting the sex conversation as we speak ;). We can become aware how the frequency of sex is affecting us in many profound ways. We are literally sharing and mixing our energy with another person.  

To Better Understand…

To better understand how this could play out, and how this could be helpful to understand, I have used some of the numbers sourced from Elena and Alejandro’s work so that we can test it out with familiar faces that we all know. People that have been in the public eye and that we are all curious about: Princess Diana and Amber Heard (as we discovered her in the courts with Johnny Depp). 

Princess Diana and Amber Heard are fascinating to put side by side. Here, I have created little charts so you can compare them and I’ll explain a little more what this all means. 

First things first, most notable observation: Diana’s incarnated with a frequency of 500 (Love) while Amber, a frequency of 50 (Indifference, Manipulation). Over the course of their respective lives, Diana’s relationship to personal growth reached the heights of enlightenment with 925, while Amber’s personal growth staggered at 50. Diana viewed her relationships through the lens of 500 (love), while Amber viewed them through the lens of indifference (50). Diana’s compassion was 100% while Amber’s was 59%. They both had a level of clarity of 98%, meaning they were both clear on what they were doing. 

The interesting thing with Amber’s reading is that although she has an overall frequency of 50 (Indifference/Manipulation), she has a very high Social Quotient at 500 (Love), meaning that she has a very high level of magnetism, which would explain how she attracted Johnny Depp. 

So in engaging with these two people, you are going to be feeling very different in their presence. The energy that they carry and exchange will impact people very differently. 



Another interesting element between these two readings is that they are both 100% in alignment with their divine purpose. Amber’s low frequency has a divine purpose as an “awakener” while Diana’s high energy and frequency serves as an “inspirer” and “elavater” of the human consciousness.  

I won’t speculate about their sex lives, but one can just imagine that they are bringing very different energies to the tables and will impact their partners in very different ways. Of course, their mates bring their frequency and intentions to the table as well. One has to determine which energy trumps the other.  

I have to admit, this conversation is so very exciting to me. I have prepared a few other comparisons for you such as Yoko Ono and John Lennon, Will Smith and John of God (a man charged in many rape charges) but I will be mindful to not dump too much information on you at one time. 

I will continue this conversation in my next post to give you the necessary time to digest all this.  

In the meantime, I want to invite you on the journey of our CoCreative Incubator++. The whole purpose of this program is to help you increase your personal frequency by helping you move up the Map of Consciousness and improve your relationship to sex and intimacy. We officially start on the 22nd of September and registration is now open. We are looking forward to welcoming you! 

I have to admit, this conversation is so very exciting to me. I have prepared a few other comparisons for you such as Yoko Ono and John Lennon, Will Smith and John of God (a man charged in many rape charges) but I will be mindful to not dump too much information on you at one time. 

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