I think about two weeks ago, I went on a rampage and watched all four Netflix documentaries on Epstein. It shows you how he pretty much mind-controlled a ton of very powerful people, and a whole pyramidal scheme of vulnerable people, ie. underage girls he groomed into being exploited and exploiting others. (*underage: not fully formed ego = easily manipulated) 

His strategy was quite remarkable: Create situations that are exciting, promise a lot, paint yourself as powerful and indispensable with offers that seem like opportunities of a lifetime, then take control of the situation. Start crossing the line, keep on pushing it. Then once the line is crossed, control through shame and fear, threats, and make more grandiose promises. Yo-yo between promises and threats.   

In fact, it became clear to me through these videos how Epstein could start controlling politicians, members of the Royal family, legislators, judges, police, lawyers, and very wealthy corporate magnets: By inviting them into his ring, he would get compromising footage or information that would be “shameful” to be made public, and then he had the recipe to become a very wealthy and powerful man. Escape the law. Get people to hand over their fortunes. Yes, this did happen. Imagine handing over billions because you don’t want others to find out something you did? 

This is serious grooming and mind-control. He could control others by tapping into their unspoken shameful acts. And use it to keep them quiet and to get them to comply. 

Link with the Corona Virus? Many people have diverging views on this, but one thing is clear, you can get people to comply with about anything when they are scared. Scared for their safety, security, health. Just make it scary enough and people will comply with whatever you ask. Censor opposing scientific studies, push forward a voice of authority that is saying what you want to justify all the actions. Mind-control tapes parading as scientific reason.  

Sex? Well, sex seems to get attached to a lot of our deepest and unspoken secrets. We carry a lot of shame with our sexuality. Sexuality is a powerful force that often gets twisted into things that are not exactly what we want or wanted. 

This is why I believe we need training in reclaiming our secrets, to speak them out, to free ourselves by stepping into the power of our voices. To stop being controlled by our secrets. To step into the power of owning ourselves. 

As a society, we have trouble speaking up from the real authentic muck inside of us. 

But this has serious consequences. It means we give up on ourselves. It means we give up our power. We start living a life that is not our life. We start doing things that are not us. We let ourselves be puppeted into the most obscure and compromising situations. 

And you usually don’t see it at first. 

Watching the participants of the Incubator reclaim their voices, write and speak about stuff they had hidden inside of themselves, things that are holding them back, I see how liberating and exhilarating it is for them. I get the most excitement out of seeing them speaking up with their creations and to hear the ripple effects in their life: “Ya, suddenly I had this conversation.” “I suddenly found myself saying things directly… instead of remaining silent.” “It’s started a whole ripple effect in my life…” 

This is empowerment. The activated voice, the heart-centered authentic voice is True Empowerment. 

This courageous voice is what’s going to create a very different future for you. 

Something fierce and strong gets unleashed when you dig into your secrets and finally let them be spoken with rhythm, with poetry, with verve. 

And be celebrated for this. 

So, two things: 

1) Don’t miss these powerful and courageous souls stepping into their truths—artfully—and hear their work at the 2nd Incubator Spoken Word Blitz. Come and see reclaimed power in action and get inspired by it. Be moved by your own power wanting to be unleashed. If you’d like to be part of this 30-min zoom event and be our gracious audience, sign up here: Audience/Blitz sign-up: http://eepurl.com/dOOKAP 

2) If you yearn to have your voice be unleashed, access your power, grow your capacity for intimacy and truth in relationships and sexuality, come to peace with your past, and set yourself up powerfully for the future, please sign up for the next Incubator starting on the 22nd of July (12 or 6 weeks). For more details, check out the website https://cocreativesex.com/the-cocreative-incubator or have a quick call with me by booking here to see if it’s a good fit for you: https://calendly.com/cocreativesex/15min

with respect, 

Julie xo 


Who joins me in the Incubator? Creatives, Coaches, Leaders, Influencers, Teachers, Writers, Performers, Entrepreneurs, Healers, Parents, People on a Path of Growth, Manifestors.

Love Julie.

Carpe Diem.

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Julie Archambault

Author of “Sex Up Your Life: The Mind-Blowing Path to True Intimacy, Healing, and Hope”

Read more in: “Sex Up Your Life: The Mind-Blowing Path to True Intimacy, Healing, and Hope.”
"A book that has been desperately needed in our modern culture" —D. F.


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