Is sex or relationships always a little difficult for you? Do you have trouble finding a healthy relationship? Do you suffocate in relationships? Do you feel invisible? Or voiceless? Do you always have to play small or walk on eggshells to keep everything “alright”? Do you feel like you have not yet fully “expressed” yourself? Well… Do I ever have something for you!

The 3rd edition of TACO (The Art of Co-Creative Sex) is on the horizon!

Over the past four years researching on sexuality and doing intense work in the Akashic Records on this theme, I’ve devised a program to help you heal your sexual energy. It’s designed to help you release all those blocks that are getting in the way of a healthy, vibrant, sensual and expressed sexuality and life. And guess what, it’s super efficient.

Over the course of my last series, I saw my beautiful participants get to precious Ah-ha moments. For those that took some private sessions to complete the process, the course opened them right up so that we could get to those really deep hidden places and release the stagnant energies for them.

I personally believe 99.99% of the population needs to heal their sexual energy. Why? Well, our sexual energy holds the imprint of every single little trauma we’ve collected over our life. So, heal your sexual energy and heal your life. And conversely, heal your life, and heal your sexual energy.

Let’s get you started!
The Art of Co-Creative Sex, Online Healing Program. The Valentine Edition.

Starts February 13th. Get on the Waitlist here:

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