I think it is fair to say that we all have, at some point in our life, been trying to conform to the model of everlasting love and coupledom. This model may have worked for some in the past, but it is becoming harder and harder to maintain in the current paradigm. 

We are in a period of time and evolution where consciousness is accelerating. This means that old institutions and programs are being shattered right, left, and centre. It also means we are being shaken up energetically. We are being asked to grow. Intensely. Now this doesn’t mean that relationships can’t grow together. Some are blessed with that opportunity.

But truly, we should no longer shame ourselves or think we failed, if our growth bursts us beyond the shell of our current relationship. Not everyone is asked to grow with their partner into the next iteration of ourselves. Sometimes, we must shed the outer shell and grow beyond the current format. Meaning, sometimes it’s just not possible to bring our partner to where we are going nor at our rate. 

Doing this means that we can invite in a whole new level of integrity in our next relationship, our level of connection in sexual union, and most of all, we can open our hearts much wider to let in the deep love. 

Whatever we can do for ourselves, the Universe will mirror for us. It all starts within. So giving yourself deep love means that you are worthy of receiving it from another person. Deep reverence for self, means you can receive that reverence from someone else. I’m basically describing to you the holographic nature of our experience on earth. (If you would like me to speak more about this in another post, just REPLY YES!) 

All this takes courage because it means looking at what our soul is yearning to learn and to practice it. It means stepping out of old patterns of thoughts and behaviours and the addiction to certain emotions and truly give ourselves something completely different. Yes, it means dropping it. When you are addicted to it, it’s a whole other level of “dropping it”. It can grip you at the belly: but you gotta take the leap. Leave it behind. 

See You Soon, 

Julie xxx 

This requires that your growth spurts be synched with each other. However, we are free beings and we cannot control our partner. We can’t make them learn something or gain something they have not yet managed to embody. Everyone has their rhythm and pace. Everyone has their lessons to assimilate and grow into. 

We can be patient for a while. We can help them out to a certain degree, but the truth is that we can’t cross the line of what is our responsibility or the relationship gets unbalanced and lopsided, which means by definition that the relationship gets out of alignment. We have our responsibilities in the relationship: being authentic, showing up, expressing, engaging in the co-creation. Being in relationships takes a lot of courage, but equally leaving a relationship takes courage. 

It takes courage to chose self, integrity, being alone. We are at a time where alignment to our inner growth is of higher value than staying in a relationship that is no longer in integrity for us. This also means getting comfortable with deep connection with self and learning to deeply love oneself.  Truly loving and feeling complete in one’s own heart and learn to see the whole in self.  

Mike and I know how much courage it takes on the daily to stay *courageously* in integrity with self as we have been working at it for many years now. We know what it means to chose to be heart-centred, to love self, humble ourselves to learn, and have the courage to grow and heal.

That is why we are offering a powerful container for those who know the value of doing this as a group process. Deepening our courage to be fully in integrity with ourselves, in integrity in our relationships, and in integrity with our life missions (a.k.a growth). We also know very well how all these elements show up in sex and intimacy as sex is a “revealer” and a “catalyzer” of our growth. We will show you how this is. 

If you are ready to take courage on for your growth, be unapologetically you, increase the depth of sex and intimacy in your life, please sign up with us! Enrolment is now OPEN! 


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